Chad Smith


Meet Chad Smith, the President of Bocote, whose ingenuity and vision in the world of luxury home design and construction is nothing short of awe-inspiring. With over three decades of experience as a residential and commercial general contractor and home builder, Chad has firmly established himself as an illustrious figurehead of the industry.

Humble beginnings, they say, often lead to greatness. And for Chad, his passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces was kindled while building some of the most prestigious churches in Texas. His craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail propelled him to found CS Renovations, a highly respected construction firm renowned for its excellence.

Chad's unyielding commitment to perfectionism and innovative approach to design have garnered him an impressive array of accolades and a devoted following of clients who entrust him to bring their visions to fruition. As President of Bocote, Chad brings his expertise and ardor to every project, delivering unparalleled results that redefine the limits of luxury living.

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